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Royal Days Marine: Excellence in Crew Manning

Selecting the Best: Our Approach to Crewing

Royal Days Marine takes pride in its meticulous approach to crewing, ensuring the highest caliber of maritime professionals. Our selection process is rigorous, with a focus on certified, skilled, healthy and experienced. We believe in the value of human capital and are committed to maintaining a workforce that is not just capable but also comprehensive in its expertise and experience.

We believe that our recruitment process is our strength. We meticulously select, screen, and interview candidates to ensure they meet not only the qualifications required but also embody the professionalism and dedication synonymous with Royal Days Marine. Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Rigorous Screening and Interviewing
  • In-Depth Verification of Certifications and Experience
  • Candidate Proposals and Interview Assessments for Our Clients
  • Candidate Confirmation, Customized Training and Briefing Programs
  • Pre-Employment Medical Examination and Seafarer’ Departure Formalities
  • Efficient Onboarding and Administration
  • Contract Monitoring and Onboard Support
  • Monitoring & Supporting P&I Cases & Disputes Matters such as Crew Sickness, Injury & Death
  • Regular Payroll Arrangements
  • Seamless Support for Repatriation Processes and Seafarers’ Arrival Formalities
  • Performance Evaluation and Pooling Records Keeping

Upholding Standards: Certification and Compliance

Our commitment to safety and excellence is reflected in our stringent verification of all seafarers' certifications. We ensure that our seafarers are in full compliance with key maritime regulations and practices, including STCW 2010, MLC 2006, ILO Guidelines and Maritime Industrial Practices. This rigorous adherence to standards guarantees that our crew is equipped to meet the evolving challenges of the maritime industry.

Empowering through Training: Enhancing Skills and Knowledge

We believe in the continuous development of our seafarers and training is a cornerstone of our crewing policy. Our 'Pre-Joining Training' program, conducted by our highly skilled ex-mariners, ensures that every crew member is not just prepared for the job at hand but is also updated on the latest maritime rules, regulations, practices and being familiar with the company’s SMS and Job descriptions. Our focus on continuous learning ensures that our crew remains at the forefront of maritime expertise.

Strategic Crew Pooling: Maintaining a Ready and Able Workforce

We maintain a dynamic and well-managed crew pool, with careful attention to performance and potential. Seafarers with positive appraisals are promptly returned to the pool, while those who demonstrate exceptional abilities are proposed to our principles to be considered for their promotions, ensuring a consistently high-performing team.

Royal Days Marine: Upholding Excellence in Seafarer Employment

At Royal Days Marine, we maintain a vast and diverse pool of maritime professionals, rigorously adhering to a set of well-defined criteria to meet the specific needs of ship managers and owners. Our commitment to these standards is not just a practice but a testament to our dedication to maritime safety, professionalism, and operational efficiency.

Certified and Compliant Crew

We guarantee that all our crew members hold valid certifications and comply with STCW 2010, MLC 2006, ILO Guidelines and Maritime Industrial Practices. Our commitment to compliance and quality ensures that your operations are in safe, capable hands.

Seamless Onboarding and Administration

From obtaining joining visas to arranging air tickets and ensuring timely applications of Flag state endorsements, Maritime Crew Visa, we handle every aspect of crew departure formality with precision and care.

Stringent Age Criteria: A Benchmark of Reliability and Expertise

Our employment criteria are anchored in a careful consideration of age limits, ensuring that our crew members are at the peak of their physical, mental and professional capabilities. This approach ensures a dynamic, experienced, and capable team capable of meeting the varied demands of maritime operations.

Setting the Bar High: Employment Criteria for Seafarers

Royal Days Marine has established specific criteria to ensure that our seafarers meet the diverse needs of ship managers and owners:

Rigorous Screening Process: Our screening interviews are thorough and conducted by ex-mariner-interviewers.

Age Limits: We adhere to specific age limits for various ranks to ensure a balance of experience and vitality.

Verifiable Service Records: Past service and performance records are carefully examined including their medical history.

Experience and Expertise: We set a minimum requirement of 6 - 12 months of experience in the same rank on comparable vessels.

Professional Qualifications: Our crew members hold national COC/COPs as per their ranks and meet all training requirements mandated by maritime conventions and regulations.

Language Proficiency: English language skills are assessed, with additional testing where necessary.

Trading Area-Specific Experience: Seafarers must have experience in relevant trading patterns, verified through a thorough screening process.

Health Standards & PEME: Recognizing the importance of health in this demanding industry, We ensure that all seafarers undergo a comprehensive pre-employment medical examination at DMA approved centers, ensuring they are fit for duty.

Document Validity: We rigorously ascertain that all requisite documents possess the appropriate validity, extending not only for the duration of the seafarer's contract but also encompassing an additional six months. This is done in accordance with the specific requirements of each vessel, thereby guaranteeing full compliance and preparedness for the entirety of the seafarer's deployment.

Drug and Alcohol Policies: Strict D&A testing protocols are in place to maintain safety and compliance.

Ongoing Training: Regular in-house training and additional sessions are conducted to keep our crew at peak readiness.

Royal Days Marine: A Synonym for Maritime Excellence

By adhering to these criteria, Royal Days Marine ensures a crew that is not only qualified but also physically and mentally equipped to meet the diverse challenges of the maritime industry. Our approach to crew selection underscores our commitment to operational excellence, safety, and the highest standards of maritime services. Partner with us and experience the unwavering commitment of a crew that is the epitome of professionalism and dedication.

Discover Excellence in Maritime Crewing

At Royal Days Marine, we specialize in providing superior Crew Manning Services, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in the maritime industry. Our expertise is not just in manning your vessels, but in becoming a pivotal part of your journey towards operational excellence.

Tailored Crew Solutions for Every Vessel

We understand that each vessel has its own specific requirements. Whether you need a single crew or a full set of crew for your Owned/Managed Vessels, we provide bespoke solutions. Our services cover a wide range of vessels, including Chemical Tankers, Product Tankers, Bulk Carriers, General Cargo and Container Vessels, ensuring that our services and seafarers meet your specific needs with precision.

Royal Days Marine: Your Partner in Maritime Excellence

Choose Royal Days Marine for a crewing experience that embodies professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to the highest standards in the maritime industry. Our approach to crew manning is not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them, ensuring operational excellence and safety at sea.


Why Choose Us ?

At Royal Days Marine, we understand that the maritime industry never sleeps, and neither do we. By choosing us, you gain a partner committed to providing prompt, round-the-clock services. Our team is perpetually poised to respond to your needs with unmatched efficiency and professionalism. Whether it's day or night, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing Royal Days Marine is always at the helm, ready to navigate any challenge with expertise and agility.

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Myanmar holds the prestigious distinction of being recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a 'white-listed' maritime nation. This accolade is a testament to the country's commitment to the highest standards in maritime training and education, consistently producing seafarers who are not only qualified but also seasoned in their field. English proficiency among Myanmar seafarers is not just a skill but a cornerstone of their training ...

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