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Crew Manning

We provide Manning Services including from the selection/engagement of a single seafarer up to a full crew complement for Owner/Management Vessels. Crew selection, screening, interview, recruitment, training, briefing, deployment, payment, repatriation, de-briefing, are the summary of our manning services. In addition, Our Services include :

(A) Certificates

We ensure that. Documents and certificates of the seafarers are valid for the term of the contract at minimum. Training and certificates comply with MLC, and STCW 95/98 convention as amended.

(B) Screening Interviews

We ensure that all the service records summited by Seafarers are always confirmed from the previous employers / companies. We will not tolerate any fraud and false statements of service records for any seafarers. All new seafarers for the 1st time to Our Company, must pass through our company internal interviews conducted by Our Company Training Department Managers. Passed Candidates will only be summited to the vacancies of Overseas Ship Owner / Management Vessels.

(C) Medical Examination

We ensure that all the joining seafarers must go through the pre joining medical, drug and alcohol test by DMA approved Medical Examination Center.

(D) Pre Joining Training

We ensure that all the joining seafarers must complete our company internal ‘Pre Joining Training’ and Updated Maritime Rules/Regulations/Practices conducted by our training department Managers. Any other outstanding training such as ‘’Liquid Cargo Handling Course, Ship Handling Course, High Voltage Course and etc ‘’ will be arranged at the Approved Training Center as per Owner/Management Advise.

(E) Pre Joining Formalities

We ensure that all the joining seafarers must get , in time , Joining Visas in time, Signing of Seafarer Employment Agreement with Employers, Marine Department Departure Forms, Seafarers’ Life Insurance, Air Tickets, Clients’ customized Safety gears or any other recruiting requirement as per Owner/Management’s advise.

(F) Payroll Arrangement

We ensure that Employers/Owners/Managements’ Transactions of Seafarers’ Salaries and Leave pay, all overtime, overlapping wages, performance bonus, rejoin bonus, bank charges, seniority bonus, Home allotment etc , flow smoothly in time to our Seafarers accounts or via Our Company Accounts. Our Account Department ensure that all the transaction amounts are correctly computed for every seafarer, correctly transferred into individual accounts, documented and signed by seafarer’s family members after receiving salaries.

(G) Crew Health Insurance

If required and requested by Owner/Management , We can provide our services to arrange Health Insurance/Marine Benefits System to be covered for their employees/seafarers

(H) Re Joinings / Crew Rotations

We ensure that Our Pre Stipulated and Proposed Calculation of Every 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 Monthly Rotation Plans are always monitored and the Principal is always updated with the upcoming Crew Changes aiming to a proper future planning.

(I) Cadetship Program

As per Owner/Management’s advice, We ensure that Cadetship programs via reputable Maritime Academies are established for the development of Principal’s future generation of Officers.


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